Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Justin Bartlett's "Human Disintegration" original artwork on display @ the Dark Nature show in London!

Justin has several more pieces there as well for sale including some limited edition prints. The show runs until October 17th so don't miss it!

Justin Bartlett’s detailed pen and ink drawings draw from nature and imagery related to the occult resulting in works that show an analytical eye that pushes the iconography he uses to the limit. The seemingly innocent drawing of a cat shows a struggling bird trapped beneath its paw. The cat’s expression is maniacal and deranged. Other works draw on Bartlett’s rich visual language of dark chasms, piles of skulls and heads floating in rancid pools engulfed in a mass of knotted weeds and roots. The resulting hellish images, while referencing nature seem to come from a much darker internal void. Justin will be showing new original drawings.

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